Oct 19

How to hang your canvas artwork

Hi there you art lovers, now most people have good taste these days so it’s hard to get this wrong, especially if the art you choose fits in well with your home, i.e. the colours and the size of the canvas artwork you choose as you need to make sure that the piece you buy fits well on the wall and isn’t too big or too small.

Now if it’s masterpieces your showing off you need to make sure that the area you put it in have allot of standing space so the views and stand back to see the whole picture, this would be a strong point to remember, if it’s just a wonder canvas print of some art you bought for your home then of course, you could show this off in the same manor but there’s no need to stress about the standing back point as if you have it hanging in your living room then most people could see it when they have a seat or enter the room for example. Whilst still on the subject of standing back it’s also good to take into account how far you need to stand back, it’s basically the length of the canvas you have to the distance from the wall you need to keep. Another good tip would be to have the correct lighting, this is key to whether your canvas print or artwork is of any good in the area that it’s in, don’t leave it in daylight as it will show a reflection and the shine will basically be a white sheet of light which is of putting and the view could stray away very fast.

You could also have split canvas prints if you really wanted to show of the true picture or artwork, by

Oct 18

Start Learning Martial Arts As A Hobby With Proper Accessories!

When you wish to learn something as a part of hobby, innumerable things come to your mind. In the present day scenario, one of the contemporary arts you can learn is the art of self defense. You can learn Karate, Martial Arts, Ninja, Kung Fu, Boxing, etc. These activities will also help you have flexibility in your body. In addition, karate, martial arts and others help in becoming strong and fight back in odd situations. Learning alone is not everything but having proper accessories is also important.

There are a number of online stores which offer cost effective range of equipment, accessories and clothing for Karate, Martial arts and others. As you make a purchase online, there are a number of added aspects you can look into. According to your preferences of size, color and other measurements, you can receive the Martial Arts weapons, Karate uniforms and other equipment. This way, you can go ahead in learning within no time.

Furthermore, in any product, meeting quality parameters incorporate huge importance. The custom built Martial arts uniforms, weapons and other items offered from online store are well tested and proven as per the international quality standards. When you buy Martial Arts weapons, you should keep a check into some of these factors that these high quality weapons are light in weight, tough, eye appealing and durable in service. Also, you should see that the weapons offer smooth finish for easy and trouble free spinning.

As you order the equipment, you should check into the factors like their type of packaging and make sure that these reach unhampered. Along with safe packing, you must ensure that you get your Martial Art weapons and other equipment at the scheduled time.

Across the global market on the internet platform, you can get a large

Oct 17

Fashion’s Pop Culture Influences

Those who are looking to be inspired can find it all around them. From city streets, to architectural buildings, sunrises to sunsets. Pop culture, including television, music, film, magazines and comic books are often amongst the biggest influences to effect young people in particular. Every generation has brought about a new style of fashion. The eighties were all about bold prints and shoulder-pads, the nineties introduced neons and spandex to the mix and the twenty-fist century has brought back high-waisted jeans, boho dresses, and punk-chic styles amongst others. Of course fashion is cyclical, so many trends and looks are revisited.

The popularity of television show, Mad Men, had many big designers revisiting styles of the 1960s including, cigarette sleeves, shift dresses and stunning suits for men. Major high street brands like H&M have often played around with polkadots and ruffled clothing from the 80s as well as hippy styles from the 60s and 70s.

It’s funny how we see a guy out in a pair of blue denim trousers and a jean top, with a backwards hat and the first thing that pops into our mind is Will Smith from his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days. We see someone in acid washed jeans and it’s A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell. The latest trend of harem pants for women has those with a sense of humour thinking, M.C. Hammer much?

In high school you could tell who listened to hip hop vs. heavy metal based on the clothes they wore. The truth is most of us want to fit in somewhere, so we choose a style and tend to stick with it. If your interests tend to be dominated by one type of music or lifestyle your wardrobe is likely to accommodate that.

Or if you’re someone who simply loves fashion

Oct 17

Printed Poly Bags Artwork Guide

For your packaging needs, poly bags are the primary choice of many. In most cases, clients order printed poly bags to personalize their packaging materials. Now, as we know, printed poly bags are ordered in bulk, which means you need to be extra careful on the design and visual impact of the design to make the best of your investment.

If you are planning to hire a professional graphic artist for your packaging design, all artwork should be made in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In design, Quark, Macromedia Freehand or Artpro. All files should be saved in eps, jpeg, tif or pdf formats and saved as CYMK. There is also the concern with font compatibility, which is why it is highly recommended when submitting your artwork, the appropriate font file should also be included.

Most reliable printed poly bags supplier offer proofing process, in which case you will be required to check initial printed materials. This includes the measurements and seals of the bag, if there are any perforations required, the print content, including the wording, font size and positioning, as well as the print color to determine if all colors were accurately followed.

For your printing guide, it is important that you are made aware of the following:

1.Avoid having print extending towards the gussets.
2.Fonts are recommended to be in bold to allow people to easily read the print even at a distance.
3.Light prints should not be used on dark poly materials.

Part of the success of a good printed poly bag design is largely based on quality. With this put into consideration, it is important that you choose a good and reliable supplier to help you every step of the way. As you may have already known, poly bags play a big part in your advertising campaigns.

Oct 17

Creating Work, Art And Crafts From Pure Inspiration

A scrapbooker huddled into the corner of a craft room, bending surreptitiously over a too wide desk, trying to manage the long list of space that must be organized, filtered through and cleaned, finding him or herself buried in another long group of items to look after, objects to keep up and resources to renew this person needs a change of pace. If you find yourself using organization and creativity to imbue order, ease and splendor into your life, but are going after the goal in the traditional sense: buying all the “right” materials, following the gurus’ process to the tee instead of finding your center and working from there, you are likely that person that needs a change of pace.

Creativity and art and work which transcends the moment each of these are for the purpose of expansion. But, we often take a too direct aim toward the goal and start by expanding our to do list, expanding the list of things that we own and immersing ourselves more in the frivolities and materials than in the experience itself. And this is where the gift of limitations becomes realized. When we have less to focus on, even less monetary means to distract us into supplying the perfect supplies for the “perfect plan” for how to achieve creative dharma and simplicity through a measured list of steps that happened to work for someone else, we are blessed.

Because we are not all the same, because we are not meant to soar in the same direction or with the same fuel, we will create different things. And this gives us the continued inspiration to create from an individual perspective, we need each of us to be in the height of their personalized expression so that we can begin to see ourselves

Oct 16

Scorpion Tattoos Designs – What Type Of Artwork Should You Look For

The scorpion tattoo design is probably one of the most attractive tattoos inked today. They are usually quite intricate and have a somewhat sinister meaning behind them. The problem with using a scorpion as the subject of your tattoo design is that it requires more thought and planning than many other designs. The reason for this is due to the extreme complexity in their body structure.

The reason people choose the scorpion as a subject for tattoo design is the somewhat frightening image it portrays. This is due to their association with deadly stings and the use of them in many scary movies. There is a real reason to fear scorpions. Scorpions are related to the arachnid family (spiders) and as such are sometimes deadly. In addition to this they have many moving parts. The way they move and articulate seems somewhat unnatural to us and we see this as frightening.

These qualities are also what make this particular tattoo design difficult to render in tattoo ink. To make a scorpion tattoo design look natural and realistic one needs to look at artwork with the following qualities.

1) Make sure that the artwork you are considering has plenty of detail. Scorpion tattoos should have all the leg joints and the segments in the tail accurately reproduced. The pincers (claws) should show realistic crablike appearance.

2) A scorpion can be of almost any color so when reproducing the design as a tattoo just make sure that bright colors are used. Use plenty of stripes or patterns in the design to replicate the actual camouflage markings.

3) Consider the size of your design. Obviously, the smaller the artwork, the less detail you can incorporate into the design. Choose a large area on the body and make good use of it. This is one of

Oct 15

What Is Yard Art

Yard art, lawn decorations, embellishments…just what ARE garden accents and what purpose do they serve?

Garden accents or yard art can be ANY decoration or adornment used for the purpose of accenting your yard or garden area.

Embellishments can range from simple to elaborate. Garden accents can be as simple as a solitary bird bath alone in the yard to as elaborate as multiple tiered decking with flower boxes, trellises, and plant stands strategically placed for eye-appeal.

Yard art may be singularly visible as a simple gazing globe on a pedestal. Or it may be found as a hidden surprise in the garden that catches the eye upon closer viewing. Maybe a whimsical faerie garden statue set upon an old tree stump within a small clump of trees and placed so as to be slightly hidden from view yet easily seen from different areas within your garden.

Garden accents can be replaced or alternated to provide variety or change in a yard or garden area. Smaller pieces of yard art or garden statuary can be moved around easily. A newly painted old wooden wheelbarrow of pansies could be moved around and placed anywhere in your yard.

Yard art can be store bought or homemade. Store bought accents may range from an inexpensive item picked up at a dollar store to an expensive specially customized piece of signature art. Homemade yard adornments can be anything from an unused colored bowling ball sitting atop a plant stand to an elaborately built garden trellis or deck seat and pergola complex.

What are garden accents or yard art used for? Garden accents mainly serve as a fun and creative way to personalize your lawn or garden area.

Sure, you can use the same planting design as shown in any book or mow your grass

Oct 15

Cycladic Art And The Female Form

Cycladic art refers to an ancient artistic style of figures and decorations that were produced on the Cyclades, a collection of thirty tiny islands in the Aegan Sea near Greece. The Cycladic culture flourished during the early Bronze age. The art work of this ancient culture was vastly different than anything else produced during the same era. These island dwellers incorporated artistic motifs into many everyday objects, but it was their interpretation of the human body and in particular, the female form, that defined “Cycladic art.”

Fine, white marble was readily available on the Cyclade islands. This afforded the Cycladic people with an exceptional medium with which to create figures and statues. The most popular source of inspiration was the nude female form. Cycladic sculptures recovered from burial sites are nearly always sculptures of a woman’s body. The exceptions tend to preserve images of men performing culturally important roles such as story teller, hunter, warrior or musician. Figurines of animals and livestock were also common.

Yet it was the female form that garnered the most attention and a discovery of Cycladic Art will like be of a female 19 times out of 20. As the Cycladic culture was pre-literate, no writings exist to shed more light on the purpose or use of the idol figures. Theories range from the believe that they were used in prayer (as the figures heads are slightly tilted toward the sky) to the belief that they represented a “mother goddess” or “fertility goddess.”

Cycladic art reached its zenith in the period from 2800-2300 BC, known as the Early Cycladic II period. This period defined the “canonical Cycladic art” characterized by the nude female figures, arms folded across the abdomen with flat, slanted heads and knees slightly bent. A Cycladic figure could range from figurines tiny

Oct 11

Art Of Purchasing Fine Art Oil Paintings

Purchasing fine art oil paintings is not a simple task it is actually an art that every art lover knows about it and follows accordingly.

Fine art oil paintings are the arts that are seen instead of being felt. The culture and history of the paintings shifts back to years when pre historic human beings lived on the planet. From that time this flow of creativity has not been stopped, although when we have reached to 21st century.

There are many artists that have made it a medium of creating their art work and this has given them many advantages. There are many places wherein we see this form of art. Some of the places these art pieces are usually visible are at hotel, restaurants, homes, etc. This is something that enhances the beauty of the ambience around. It is able to this only if you are able to select right kind of fine art paintings for the interiors.

In case you are planning to select the correct type of masterpiece for your interiors then it can be very confusing for you. The main reason behind this is that you will have to browse through hundred of these paintings for the interiors of your home.

There are lot of things you will have to consider like empty space of the wall, theme of the paintings, color scheme of paintings, color of the wall, color of your furniture and space. It is quite obvious that you will not like to buy paintings that reflect feeling of anger in the bedroom or study room. Rather than this you might consider buying paintings that reflect peace, prosperity, childhood memories, soothing abstract or other such kind of painting.

Few people are love collecting fine art oil paintings and they are crazy about it. This

Oct 10

Where To Find Free Teddy Bear Clipart

More people than ever today are requesting teddy bear clipart, and not that hard to come by. If you want free teddy bear clip art there is a lot to choose from, that is if you aren’t using it for business. As long as you don’t sell the clip art you can use it on your personal website, as long as you don’t charge people to use it. You won’t be breaking any copyright infringement laws as long as you follow the site’s rules.

You can also purchase some clip art, but free is more fun if you can find what you need.You should be able to procure clip art for the Easter Bunny, the mailman, dogs, and just about anything you can think of. The variety of clip art is almost never ending, and it only stops if you are the artist stop being creative.

Kids’ Turn Central

One place that has tons of teddy bear clip art is . Wendy Hogan of Kids Turn central, is the founder. Her site, built for children, has more teddy bear clip art than you could ever use. The nice part is that hers are different than all the clip art you see on other websites.

Wendy has furnished teddy bear clip art that has numbered bears, the alphabet bears as well, as well as punctuation bears. This makes it easy to use the teddy bears to spell something out on your website or newsletter, or even on letterhead. Using them for making invitations is one of the cutest ideas for the bears. Some of Wendy’s teddy bear clip art is personalized, but it has to be special ordered through her site.

Cartoon Clip Art World

There is another place online to get some great teddy bear clip art and that is

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