Jun 22

Create A Niche For Your Artworks At The Online Art Gallery

Many art galleries have mushroomed in the recent years that display artworks created by budding artists using commonplace items that are generally discarded. Many of these pollute the environment and numerous gallery artists have decided to take it in their stride to create awareness of the harm these products cause in the environment as pollutants. Most of these websites have a mixed collection of entries some of which advertise a great deal and add to the clutter.

NDI Gallery is an online art gallery that has a selection of some of the best artistes. This gallery focuses on displaying interesting artworks that use upcycling ideas and recycled objects. There are many ways to use material that is disposable and carelessly discarded. Most of these materials cause pollutants in the air if they are not properly destroyed. More and more people are now using their imagination and using these waste items and putting them to good use. They could be discarded medicinal pills that are outdated or a collection of old license and wood plates.

Plant and animal life has also been endangered due to pollution. To create public awareness one of the artists made the effort of using all the discarded sandals that were on the beach to make a huge shark and this has been set up for public viewing. Choosing the shark was a significant medium to tell the world that this was one of the mammals that were facing the danger of becoming extinct due to pollutants in the oceans.

NDI online art gallery has an interesting display of metal that was the remains of an ancient Russian car. The artist has transformed this into a robot and named it the Transfsormer. The studio feels that it is a symbol between man and machine. The

Jun 22

Calligraphy – The Art Of Elegant Writing

Calligraphy is from a Greek word kallos which means beauty and graphe which means writing. Literally it means making beautiful and elegant handwriting which requires skills in penmanship. It is not just an ancient art or form of handwriting, it is a skill that has been passed down through the centuries and people just like you everywhere are learning how to write calligraphy.

In the older times books were written in calligraphy before printing machines were invented. Though it is considered as an old school writing a lot of people still use this writing technique mostly for invitations and in any intimate events. Three calligraphy styles that are still popular up to now is Arabic, Chinese or Oriental Style and Roman style.

Calligraphy is easy to learn. Beginners can already make their own masterpiece in their first or second try. Once they have already practice this beautiful art of writing it will eventually turn to something they can make money from if they want. Calligraphers are very in demand mostly for weddings to make that special day more magical for couples.

The ease of learning calligraphy attracts more people to make it a hobby or a business. You can acquire this talent through a tutor or when you buy a calligraphy kit it comes with simple instructions and template that is very easy to follow. The best thing is you don’t have to spend a lot if you want to learn this beautiful art. A starter calligraphy set will only cost you between $15 – $30 and you can start writing on your own you can also buy instructional DVDs and find videos online about how to learn calligraphy.

Jun 21

A Changing Chrome Hearts

The key of every design lines is its clients; the experts manning the production house, the masons who ensure the quality of rings and the designers who churn out new, monumental designs. A few years after the new millennium, Chrome Hearts lost 2 of its best designers cum silversmiths: Chrome Hearts executive designer Stanley Guess and Chrome Hearts senior designer and manager Leonard Kamhout, who created Guess Werks and Lone Ones jewelry brands respectively. Both stars had departed because they were deeply unhappy by the evolving ethics and beliefs at Chrome Hearts.

Chrome Hearts Jewelry had initially started off as a small, closely knit community of jewelers dedicated to their job. Each individual piece of Chrome Hearts jewelry on display had been laboriously and lovingly molded and shaped by diligent masons. Chrome Hearts jewelry included a circle of artists who adored their trade; craftsman who worked for hours in small, unventilated sweatshops manufacturing silver art pieces, enjoying each moment of it. At the time when demand for Chrome Hearts jewelry greatly increased, Richard Stark made a heart-wrenching decision to go retail and tendered manufacturing to conveyor belt factories. Due to this, many founding Chrome Hearts jewelry silversmiths such as Stanley Guess and Leonard Kamhout lost their craftsman jobs to machines, and were reduced to the mundane, stifling roles of managers and designers. Not willing to forsake their skill, Guess and Kamhout ventured to set up their own chains: Lone Ones and Guess Werks, brands which most gothic silver fans refer to as the second advent of Chrome Hearts, since they exhibit the allure of Chrome Hearts jewelry as it was before mechanization.

Who are the new clients of Chrome Hearts jewelry?

Since the leaving of multiple original real gothic silver fans who loved Chrome Hearts for its one-of-a-kind,

Jun 19

Where To Buy Vibrant Wall Art For My Bedroom

Vibrant colors can add life to your home; therefore, a good choice to include in your wall decor. Richly colored work arts can easily catch one’s attention because they are so striking and vivid. Here is a list of stores where you can find one for your bedroom namely: redbubble, shopping, Art by Lena, Amazon, Graham and Brown, shop mania, Perfectprints, custom showroom, and Metal wall art.

Wall arts may either enhance or spoil the appeal of your home depending on how they are chosen. Therefore, they should be selected based on the theme of your home, so that will compliment well with each other. The following are stores where you can find rich in color work arts:


Redbubble is a team composed of artists who make use of vibrant colors in creating their art works. Their works of arts are visible in wall arts, clothing, canvass, posters and calendars.


You can choose from their various selections of vibrant wall arts like posters, murals, stickers and decals. Their prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive, which is $6.89 to $169.95.

Art by Lena

An artist who studied in Moscow, Russia has been creating new and brilliant ideas from painting abstracts, landscapes, and flowers. Most of her works use lively colors that are ultimately captivating. With the help of her partner, she has sold more than fifteen hundred paintings within five years through her site.


Create a character you want to give your home through colorful paper cut outs, murals, wallpapers, and peel and stick. These are perfect for your children’s room where you can transform it into something whimsical.

Graham and Brown

This is one good place to shop for wall art, wallpaper, and canvas, where all their works are multihued. Their designs

Jun 18

Culture In East Berlin The Art Mile

The mid nineties saw a big influx of artists, writers and poets into the eastern part of Berlin. The derelict and cheap space offered the perfect scene for a new art movement to flourish and grow. Old shops and storage premises were the perfect location for many art galleries, settled especially in Mitte and the neighbouring districts by an international community of artists. Augustrasse is the main street of this area and here you can find lots of free entrance art galleries. In fact the street is also named East Belrins Art Mile: here you can definitely build up your cultural tour for free.

With so many galleries to choose from, its not easy to pick up the best ones. Here is a list of three free entrance galleries that you cannot miss, all located close to each other on the dynamic East Berlins Mile. Spend a couple of hour soaking up the creative ambience of the district: a real Berlin experience.

Arndt & Partner
The gallery Arndt & Partner dates back to the 2002 and it is located in Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin Mitte. It showcases a growing global roster of international artists, such as Sophie Calle, Fabrice Hybert and Hiroshi Sugito. Sophie Calles March exhibition has explored her own life as a journey foretold to her through a fortuneteller. This journey was expressed through different artistic mediums: text, photography and video. Arndt & Partner – Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin Mitte. Opening times: Tue-Fri 14:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-17:00, Free entrance.

The Berlin gallery named DNA dates back 2001. It is totally dedicated to showcasing the artworks of Berlin based artist coming from all over the world. For example, the artist Takafumi Hara has recently exhibited his ultimate collection of graphic works and street installations alongside other

Jun 17

Michael Jackson Costume Basking In The Memories Of The Pop Icon

The tragic death of the pop icon Michael Jackson was a shock for one and all. Fans from all over the world paid tribute to MJ in more ways than one. In fact, it also reflected the love that they stored deep in their hearts for a person who has reached out to millions with their voice. The most amazing way by which the fans paid tribute was by dressing themselves in Michael Jackson costume.

The best part about Michael Jackson costume is that they offer a variety of looks. In fact you can prepare your own Michael Jackson costume in many ways. The look that the pop icon adopted in his music album ‘Thriller’ was more of a werewolf and a zombie.

So if you desire a similar look, you can apply on your face some vibrant blush on and eye shadow, mostly in shades of yellow or green. Following that you may don a leather jacket of red color and create rips in between to signify that you have been attacked by the zombies. You may as well pair your red jacket with leather trousers or pants in ghost black or metallic red shade. The jacket will look best over a black knotted or plain shirt and should be left unzipped. This is also regarded as a simply amazing Michael Jackson costume idea for those couples who love to surprise their partners with their innovative zeal.

Another good option of a Michael Jackson costume can be created by taking inspiration from the music video called ‘Bad’. In this style you may adorn a black jacket, preferably the military styles and then pin large badges of gold and then complement it further with gold shoulder straps. This jacket will look best if worn over black pants

Jun 17

Unique Rangoli Art Unleash Your Creative Talent

Rangoli is traditionally made using coarse rice flour and traditional colors such as turmeric and kumkum. The designs are made by joining dots and lines, and creating different geometric shapes out of them. Nowadays though, there has been a shift from traditional patterns and designs are characterized by abstract forms.

Different materials used for rangoli

The materials used in making these designs bring a lot of uniqueness to them. Besides conventional colors and rice flour, other materials can be used to great effect. Grains and pulses bring a unique twist to conventional designs. You can use green gram for green and masoor dal for orange colors. Strategic placement of marbles also brings a unique twist to the design. You can also use bamboo sticks, matchsticks and even toothpicks to give a distinct appeal to your design. Another great idea is to use rice grains. The advantage of using rice is that all colors mix well with wet rice. So, add a bit of water to rice gains and put color powder and mix well. Let the colored rice dry before using. Use of flower petals and leaves also brings distinctness to rangoli.

Apart from these, you can embellish your rangoli with beads, kundans, differently cut mirrors, dried flowers, pearls and pearl strings, round pebbles, candles, the eye of peacock feathers, small diyas and a whole lot of different materials. Once you get the hang of using different kinds of materials, you will be able to use any material including scrap and junk to create beautiful designs. When you use different materials, you get a three-dimensional affect in the design because every material lends a different thickness to the part where it is used.

Different designs

There is no end to the designs which you can

Jun 16

Amazing Art Pieces At Online Fine Art Gallery San Diego

There are some features of art pieces that are sold at the fine art gallery San Diego.

Are you one among the art buyers that prefer to buy the amazing art pieces form the web? If yes is that you have answered then it is very important for you to know a few features before you buy an art piece from fine art gallery san Diego. The multiplicity of the art pieces in the online gallery would definitely not bore you at any point of time. You would certainly have something new every time you visit the website to buy unique art pieces.

Below mentioned are a few characteristics of the fine art gallery San Diego that you should know:

Feature #1

Shapes and frames:

When you go to visit the mortar art gallery you would notice that the shapes and frames of the art pieces are similar. The main reason behind this is that the gallery ahs to follow a theme always. The fact is that the art pieces should appear non disruptive as well as coherent. Thus, there are chances that the theme at the mortar art gallery does not appeal you. On the other hand, on the online fine art gallery San Diego you can choose the theme you are interested in. you can even pick the size and shape of art piece you want from the many displayed on the website.

Feature #2


One of the most important feature as well as reason why most of the people prefer buying art pieces from the web is because of the artists. A number of artists seek maximum exposure on the web. The online fine art gallery san Diego has ample of space to display the art pieces of a number of artists unlike the mortar art

Jun 16

Freehand Nail Art Design

Freehand nail art is a very popular service. Our designs gallery is divided into different categories of nail art and enhancement designs. Included in the gallery is a page called freehand nail art. This gallery includes lots of designs created using nail art brushes, colour shapers and acrylic paints.
Designs are enhanced by using other media such as rhinestones, pearls, striping tape, studs, bullion beads and glitters. The great thing about free hand nail art is the fact that a design can be created on natural nails as well as on extensions, and anybody can do it. You don’t need creative flair, you just need the right tools and a steady hand.

The designs you can achieve using our wholesale products are endless and you can have hours of fun playing with colours and designs. Anyone can do freehand nail art, and it is very popular with young girls who can buy a nail art kit and have a go at painting some designs themselves.

In the salon, clients love hand painted nail art. As the design is individual to them, the client can choose the colours of the design and describe a pattern or look that they would like on their nails. Designs are usually created to match a dress or outfit for a party or a fun design using bright colours can be created for holidays.

Nail art is fun for all ages, but can be very dramatic and stunning, you need only paint one nail with a design, maybe over a French manicure, then place just one Swarovski rhinestone on the other nails, creating an eye catching set of nails that are still acceptable to wear to the office.

Dramatic designs incorporate the use of more embellishments and you can go as

Jun 14

The Art Of Seducing A Woman – Get Her Weak On Her Knees

If you ever date a hot lady, you’re probably going to agree with me, the next most exciting experience besides sex is seducing her. Unfortunately, most guys are plain clueless on what to do to increase her attraction factor towards you by ten fold.

Here are 3 skills you can use to seduce any woman or even add more excitement to any relationship easily!

Skill #1 – Give Her A Little, And Then Lean Back

When you learn to master the “give a little, then lean back” tactic, you’ll create in the woman’s mind a sense of wanting more.

The fastest way to become boring is to keep giving the new woman in your life loads and loads of attention and conceding to everything she wants. Take some time out; spend a few days doing your own stuff. Let her think about you while you’re apart. Get her to miss you.

Skill #2 – Be Unpredictable

Being unpredictable attracts many women. What does being unpredictable really means. It means doing things that she least expected. It can be sending her a nice email or a card on a random date. It can also be taking her out on a romantic date where she less expect to.

The point here is to have fun and have her always guessing what you will do next that will surprise her. But nothing too scary like become a psycho and hurting her.

Skill #3 – Become a Challenge

When you become a challenge, you gain the attention of a woman’s thoughts and feelings. Women are never attracted to pushovers. They are attracted to men who are elusive, hard to grab, who instill in their minds a sense of mystery!

If you’re still clueless on how to approach, date and seduce a lady, you would

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