Sep 24

Best Art Colleges

It shouldnt be easy to get into the best art colleges. The better schools recruit the best students meaning they have high standards. You shouldnt be daunted by high standards; you should strive for admission into a top school. Find out ahead of time about the schools admission requirements. Do they look closely at admissions tests like the ACT or SAT? If so, you should plan on taking these tests in your junior year of high school. By doing so, your scores will help you plan your senior year, give you a jump on early admission and allow you time to retake the tests if your score isnt as high as you believe it could be. The best art colleges also require prospective students to submit a portfolio of their work, and many place more value on the students art work than on standardized tests. So, if your ACT/SAT scores arent where they should be, consider applying to a school that places a larger emphasis on the quality of your portfolio.

The best art colleges have the best facilities and resources. Equipment, especially computer equipment, should be up-to-date. Studio space should be readily available. Crowding shouldnt be a problem (small classes should be the norm). The faculty-to-student ratio should be as low as possible, so students will receive individual attention. Faculty members should be leaders in their fields, and the best art schools usually have solid reputations among both students and the private-sector companies who eventually will employ them.

Accreditation means that the school has been evaluated by an outside institution to determine if its programs meet certain standards. If the standards are met, the school gets the right to grant degrees in various subject areas. Different academic programs are accredited by different accrediting institutions. Be sure the school

Sep 24

Famous Indian Contemporary Artist New Style Of Painting The Canvas

Indian art is of great essential significance in harmony to its civilization and legacy.
Art is a mixture of different types and styles; it modifies its phases, as the paint brush comes in the hands of diverse painters belonging to wide areas in world, having different background, sense of style.
In the present time the modern and figurative art form is of high demand not only in India but also in foreign countries. Modern form of painting is the outcome of the creativeness plus experimentation that the stalwarts of art have started.

Indian contemporary Art introduced in 21st century is a wide-range art. It ranges and has made his mark from the exclusive business empires offices, royal classes, to the houses of the middle-class art lovers. Indian art can be categorized variedly based on many criteria, one of them is medium. In which the artist is classified as oil painting artist, acrylic painting artist, water color painters and many more.
But this should not be the main criterion, as in 21st century painting artist do not work on any single pattern, they have a versatility in them to experiment new shades altogether.
The other way in which artists are classifieds is the place to which they belong i.e. their origin.
On the other hand most of the artists keep on moving from one place to another. They do not do not append their artwork with any typical school of art.

Indian contemporary artists take their insight from a mixture of sources and styles; Indian Artwork has still maintains its separate style and flavor. It has the capacity to merge the new style of art in it.
Indian contemporary art has won applause from all over the world. An unbelievable variety and originality is present

Sep 19

Influence Of Digital Technology In Creating Personalised Pop Art

The art of Andy Warhol was such that one of his pictures was soldrecently for over $100 million. He is best known for his pop art creations of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jaggar along with the art of the more mundane items of daily life such as Campbells soup. Other noteworthy Pop Artists are Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, and Man Ray.

The pop art ‘process’ used today in photo studios can be used to transform a photograph into a similar work of art. With todays digital technology creating personalised Pop Art from photographs is now an affordable way to get art for your home that is your own. Warhol style four panel pop art of portraits or pets are getting increasingly popular as the colours used help create an eye catching and unique centre piece for any room.

These days, many people are trying to recreate the magic that was created by Warhol in the 50s. This is because the media and other advertisers are trying to make various inroads into the minds of the people viewing programs and advertisements by manipulating various photographs. This has largely been possible because of the creative mind of people who first created pop art culture.
Though Warhol did not have all the modern technology with him, he was able to make stunning pictures that have lasted well beyond his lifetime in popularity. The use of myriad colors by the people of yesteryears in the pop art can be replicated using todays digital technology. The technology and the creative methods have changed but the concept of using one background for another picture has remained the same, using todays technology but the old styles and designs equally stunning effects can be created using anyones favourite photos.


Sep 19

The Art of Trick Or Treating The Life We Live

Life is just like treat-or-treating. You go into random peoples’ lives; some give you heart-warming treats and yet some give you heartache-causing, mind-bogging and yet entertaining tricks. We usually go out in packs I like to call “friends and families” so we won’t get lost in the dark. Most often we put our best foot forward by wearing pleasing costumes so that people will take interest in us.

Similar to trick-or-treating, we carry around huge bags in desperate measure to get treats; some people get less and some people get more and because of this we can never say how much is adequate. Several people can’t get enough of the “treats” in life that they want to get other peoples’ treats too! But just like life, trick-or-treating is fair. Why? Because those who can’t get enough due to greed often ends up with a miserable toothache (not literally, but maybe problems or shall I say karma).

Trick-or-treating sometimes happen like this; when receiving our treats, we ever so often devour them all at once and after a few minutes, nothing is left. But what we should so is to save some for the times when there’s no more to eat (I’m not saying you hoard them all, but just to save some for sharing perhaps). It’s just like teamwork! Everybody gets accounted for – fair share.

The art of trick-or-treating is just like our everyday life. We meet new people, make friends along the way, we toil hard and walk great distances to earn treats, sometimes be make enemies but most importantly we are able to strengthen our relationship with friends and family.

We don’t need to wait for Halloween to happen each year just to go trick-or-treating because I believe we experience it every day

Sep 18

Performing Arts Fundraising Ideas

These days the funding is tight for performance arts in schools and Universities. There are ways to supplement the lack of funding. Performance art fundraising can help you raise funds to afford new uniforms for the school band to keeping your art association going.

Here are a few ideas for active fundraisers that you can choose from.

Band Concerts

Local bands are always looking for gigs to play and some press attention. You cant expect the bands to play for free but a little preparation can help both sides get what they want.

Approach a local youth centre, or hall and arrange for a charity event. The planning for the hall may even be looked after with their staff. Arrange a local gig and profit sharing on the night. That way you dont have to pay an upfront fee and be dependant on large crowds. If you are able to get a few local bands to agree to this, which shouldnt be too hard, then your talent is booked for the night.

Theatre Nights

Local productions of many amateur and professional theatre associations have a hard time selling out performances. Ask the production company if your charitable organization or school group could buy an entire scheduled performance at a discounted rate. Re-sell the tickets for your cause.

You may even consider approaching businesses and arranging a meet up with the actors and directors after the performance for their group if the purchase a large number of tickets or for a solid donation.

Fundraising Campaigns

Many campaigns are available through professional fundraising companies. The campaigns should represent your group, the age of the participants, and the time you have to donate to the campaign.

There are many fundraising campaigns that would appeal to a students schedule. They would

Sep 17

How To Choose An Art Gallery To Buy Landscape Paintings

We think that most of art galleries should know a little about landscape paintings history. If you manage an art gallery that sells landscape paintings, the following information may be useful for you. This form of painting became a separate genre in 16th century and by 19th century became a popular theme for impressionists. In early periods descriptive landscapes that worked as background for mythological or religious events were more prevalent in the earlier years.
Landscape paintings found in any art gallery are used for creating balanced composition. They depict valleys, mountains, rivers, forests and have sky as background with weather important facet of the composition. In earlier years viewers as well as artists always equated these paintings to scenes of unspoiled beauty since wilderness and industrial revolution were main themes that were used in these artworks.

In Italy, there was a tendency towards visions breadth and idealism which caused use of landscapes in simple & broad masses of conventional tone and color for harmonizing with color schemes of pictures that used to be glowing in type. One the basis of work of Roman painters the eighteenth century concept of classical landscape paintings was born, a concept which corresponded to grand style of figure painting.

In early years the use of landscape art form was more popular in northern Europe and more so in Flanders & in middle of fifteenth century, some painters such as Van Eyck had done such paintings that had as good a sense of lighting, space & atmosphere as any other painting that was made in the coming three hundred years. It was also in Flanders that paintings which were truly landscape were started. With time as religious enthusiasm started to lose importance some painters like Joachim Patinir & Pieter Brueghel worked to reduce scale

Sep 14

Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism

Is Graffiti Art?

The question of whether graffiti is art or vandalism is one I see often, and usually from students working on school reports … and have fairly strong opinions about. This is really a two part question: Part 1. Is Graffiti Art? and Part 2. Is Graffiti Vandalism?

Part 1 >>> Is Graffiti Art?

I think it’s first important to understand that “art” itself is tough to define. But if you move past formal definitions, art is typically an expression of oneself or a message that an artist is trying to give to the viewer … and it may or may not appeal to other people. Others think art is perhaps an expression of the artist using colors, textures, sounds, etc. to convey the message. Let’s look at a few of pieces of well known art.

1. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. It is painted on a piece of wood and is framed. Why is this art? Shading, the depth, the landscape, the enigmatic smile, etc. Would this be art if it were painted on a brick wall on a side street in Italy? Of course. What makes it art is the picture, not the medium.

2. Guernica by Pablo Picasso. This may be Picasso’s most well known piece of art. Painted mural size on a piece of canvas. Of course, this is art. Would it be art if Picasso painted directly on a wall on the side of a street? Yes. What if he did it without permission? Still art … but illegally painted. You like it? … well it doesn’t matter if you do or not, it’s still art.

3. Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michangelo. It’s art and it’s on a ceiling.

Graffiti art (aka Street Art) is a style of art. It “fits” the

Sep 14

Canvas Wall Art is an Imaginative Idea

Determining how to beautify the walls is an enjoyable plus at times mystifying problem for people. Several individuals love the procedure of decorating, of selecting things to show all around the room & on the walls. Other individuals will willingly provide the complete job to person else or leave the room lightly furnished with basic white walls. Canvas wall art could bring a vast part in bringing those walls ornamented, once an appropriate and lovely paint color has been selected and used.

Moreover, Canvas art is a grand choice in wall decor. The options for precisely Canvas wall art would be are diverse. There is certain to be something for everybody, & if there is not, custom choices anticipate. Whether customers purchase the artwork on-line or from a local store, the choices for handy pictures are numerous.

Canvas wall art is an imaginative method to convey individual approach & taste right on the walls of the house. If you are buying art to hang up in your business like a restaurant or bar. You must select paintings with a topic that is related to your business. As a result, if you have a wine bar, you must get artwork describing wine or vineyard.

Purchasing Canvas wall art on-line is also cost-efficient since you do not have to drive from one picture gallery to some other. Paintings on-line as well incline to be cheaper than artwork discovered in galleries. On-line art stores as well present discounts plus monthly promos. Every so often they can still ship your buy for free.

Individuals buy Canvas wall art for a count of reasons. A number of buy paintings as investment funds, whilst other applies them to beautify a house or office. Others purchase art since they just like what they

Sep 13

Translation A Science As Well As An Art

Translation is both a science as well as an art. Translation companies providing translation services, having understood this fact, approach the translation work with a high degree of precision while employing the art of accommodation and adaptability to the process popularly called Localization.

How is Translation a Science?
Translation is a complete science in itself as it employs certain standards and norms related to the source and target language for effective and appropriate results. Thorough knowledge of the source and target language and their successful interpretation in translation requires a scientific aptitude towards the translation work drawing upon the vocabulary and grammar of the source and target languages for effective and accurate translation. Besides, the accuracy of the translated content is scientifically judged against certain pre defined parameters related to the source and target languages.

How is Translation an Art?
Translation as an art has a lot to do with adaptability and accommodation to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the translated content. Translation has to necessarily adapt in order to accommodate cultural, social, political, aesthetical and many other factors related to the target language. The necessity for this adaptability arises particularly because of vast linguistic differences around the world with different social and cultural norms. This is also necessary to maintain the source messages essence, impact and effect. Hence it calls upon the translator to artfully translate the content while making adaptations wherever necessary. This is a complete art in itself where the translator is required to ride on back of his presence of mind, knowledge and intelligence. Hence it can be subjective to an extent as the level of expertise may vary from translator to translator. It is safe to say that translation as an art is only as good as its translator.

Translation companies

Sep 10

Exclusive And Sublime Indian Art Collection

India is a land of mixed cultures; it is the only country that was ruled by number of kings from various places all over the globe. Due to different physical and climatic condition that prevailed here, the influence and exposure of various cultures and traditions from all regions is obvious. The nobility here lies in accepting the best from all and also intermingling with the new customs and styles – this is visible in Indian art and artworks, music, dance, painting, sculptures, architecture. Art is fast becoming an investment way for the rich and middle class people here.
Whether we talk about sculptural art, visual art, folk art, contemporary art, tribal art or any other form of art, there has been a display of exclusive works. It offers a comprehensive online art display containing a vast range of Wall Art to suit everyones taste. You can search for an Indian art gallery online and browse through an extensive range of Indian art and artworks that suit to everyones taste.
These online Indian art collections are renowned for their uniqueness and traditional value. The paintings collected by Indian art collectors hold the true and pure beauty of the country.
By shopping via online Indian art collection through Indian art gallery online we can buy valuable paintings to adorn our walls with the rich, colorful and vibrant art pieces depicting the priceless culture and history which is a treasury of amazing knowledge, architecture, philosophy, classical dance, yoga and music just to name a few.
There are number of art galleries that have cropped up increasingly in the past few years; besides, the secondary market is busy with re-sales as collectors try to cash their investment as soon as possible.
These Indian art galleries exhibit their collectors from

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